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Mister Goodfaith's Band


Mister Goodfaith's Band

Photo credit : Stéphane Synnett

September 2021
Album Launched
Back In town 

Mixed by F.Reid Shippen
(multiple GRAMMY award-winning) and his team.
(Nashville -Tennessee-USA)

Masterised by Dan Shike
(Nashville - Tennessee - USA)

Rock FM Radios Broadcasts



Goodfaith - Album Back In Town.jpg
Goodfaith - Another Brave.jpg

October 2018

 Album Launched

Big Mistake 

Mixed by F.Reid Shippen
(7 grammy Awards) and his team.

Masterised by Dan Shike
(Nashville - Tennessee - USA)

Radios Broadcasts




-Radio Guitar One Charts US (N°1)

-Canada Album Chart


Multiple and unique at the same time, Mister Goodfaith's band is conquering  our musical landscape.

Both brilliant and unpretentious, the band takes its bold music from the studio to the stage.

MD during the day, songwriter composer and musician at night, the singer lives his two lives side by side 100% in his groove.

The musicians take you to another dimension where, suddenly, each sound seems to communicate directly with you. Guitar, bass and drums explode the universe to create the eighth note, the one you were waiting for.

Follow us on a journey that will take you from private studios in Nashville, to Paris in the backrooms  of cafes-concerts to Summer festival stages in Canada

C o n t a c t


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